Look, Imagine & Move at the Fitzwilliam Museum

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Paintings in the Fitzwilliam Museum's collection will inspire conversation, music and movement across this series of courses, designed to uplift and connect - all in the tranquil setting of the Museum.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • trying something new can make you feel uplifted and inspired;
  • it emphasises imagination, movement and conversation which offers opportunities for wellbeing and connection;
  • it gives you time and space for yourself.

“It was a great experience with unexpected long-term benefits for me. I have learned some invaluable beneficial and new techniques over the past weeks I’ve already applied them into my day-to-day life.”

How to contact

Where to go

Fitzwilliam Museum
Trumpington Street

What to expect

Taking part in a Look, Imagine & Move course is an opportunity to discover the nourishing benefits of taking the time in a peaceful environment to explore works of art in the Fitzwilliam Museum’s  collection.

Using a closed gallery exclusively for the group’s use, session leaders use presence and relaxation to help the group step into art through music, movement and conversation.

Inspiring and energising, this is a safe and supportive group which will explore and grow together through dance and expression.

You can get a feel for what the courses will involve by watching the video above. There are more videos on the Fitzwilliam Museum’s YouTube page


More information

Look, Imagine & Move has previously run as a course for stroke survivors, and for people living with chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions. Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum website for more details.

To find out more contact Sarah Villis on 01223 332904 /  [email protected]

The courses are free, but you must book your place in advance



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