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Cambridge Dancers' Club run regular classes and social dancing sessions in Ballroom and Latin American, Rock'n'Roll and Salsa. The sessions are open to university students and local residents. There are classes for total beginners and there's no need to bring a partner.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • dancing can improve your physical fitness, which in turn boosts your mental health;
  • you can meet new people, socialise and make new friends;
  • dancing is a mindful activity – focusing your attention on moving to the music can provide relief from worry and stress.

What to expect

At Cambridge Dancers’ Club you can learn how to dance in a range of different styles. There are several classes for beginners each week in university term-time. You can find a timetable on the CDC website. The classes are held in various venues across Cambridge. There is a map showing the location of all the venues on the CDC website.

Complete beginners are recommended to go to the Ballroom and Latin sessions run by Kath on Wednesday evenings, where she teaches a different dance style each week. These are a great way to get an overview of the ten different dances that make up Ballroom and Latin American dancing.

More information

There is no need to book any of the classes in advance, you can just go along. If it is your first class you need to complete a membership form, so it’s helpful if you can arrive a few minutes early to do this.

You don’t need any specialist clothes or shoes, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable dancing in.

Badge reading 'Free'

There is a free social dancing session most Friday evenings at the University Centre, where you can practice what you have learned in class. It is free for members and non-members.

Badge showing a pound sign

There is a charge for each dance class, which you pay at the door on arrival. You can also choose to pay for an annual membership which reduces the price you pay for each class, and also entitles you to some free classes.

How to contact

Where to go

Gibson Hall
Downing Place United Reformed Church
Downing Place

StoneYard Cafe
43 Saint Andrew's Street
Cambridge CB2 3AR

Various locations

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