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Cambridge Music Improv is a group who meet to play freely improvised music together in a friendly setting. Everyone is welcome, including those who have never sung or played an instrument before. Instruments are provided and you can also bring your own.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • you can express yourself in a fun, non-judgemental, supportive environment;
  • you can connect with other people in a meaningful way by making music together;
  • you can tap into your creativity, which can make you feel empowered.

‘The group is amazing, there are so many people from all different backgrounds, different levels, and the music we make is simply incredible.’

‘The group came at a really important time for me and I definitely got a lot out of the sessions!’

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Watch this video to get an idea of what the sessions are like, and to hear from group members about why they enjoy going along:

What to expect

The sessions are run by Holly Shirra who is a musician and music therapist. Holly started Cambridge Music Improv as a way to bring people together to express themselves and connect with others through music in a safe, non-judgemental setting.

Sessions usually last around 90 minutes. They begin with some warm-up exercises and then attendees are encouraged to make music together.

If you have an instrument that you would like to play in the session you can bring it along, otherwise there is a pool of shared instruments which everyone can use.

More information

Sessions are now taking place every couple of months in different locations in central Cambridge. To find out about upcoming sessions email [email protected] . You can also choose to subscribe to a mailing list to receive updates on upcoming sessions. There is a WhatsApp group you can join to chat with other members about music and improvisation.

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There is a charge of approximately £15 per 90 minute session. Contact Holly for details of pricing for upcoming sessions.

How to contact

Social media

Where to go

Throughout Cambridge

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