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Cambridge Tuneless Choir is a choir for people who love to sing, but don't always sing in tune. They meet weekly to sing popular pop, folk and rock songs, and songs from musicals and films. Everyone is welcome to join (except those who can sing well!)

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Group singing is a joyous experience which can boost your mood and reduce stress;
  • It’s a great way of meeting people, socialising and forming new friendships;
  • There’s no need to worry about singing all the right notes – you can just have fun belting out your favourite songs!

‘I feel so good singing badly, Thursday evenings are a highlight of my whole week! It’s wonderfully freeing to know that because everyone here’s like me, I don’t have to try to sound normal.’ 

What to expect

The choir meet at The Octagon Room at Wesley Methodist Church on Thursday evenings. Visit the website for timings.

When you arrive you’ll be given a lyric sheet, and then can join the members in “singing like no-one’s listening”. The choir sing different songs each week. The focus is on singing purely for the pleasure of it, there is no pressure to improve, or to learn the songs by heart.

The group stops for a coffee break halfway through. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided. They ask everyone to bring their own mug, and then take it home to wash afterwards.

More information

Cambridge Tuneless Choir is part of a network of Tuneless Choirs around the country, which has been running since 2016.

There is also an online Tuneless Choir called ‘Virtually Tuneless’ which meets online on Tuesday evenings.

There is a charge to attend Cambridge Tuneless Choir sessions. Visit their website for details.

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How to contact

Where to go

Wesley Methodist Church
Christ Pieces

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