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The Dao Cafe is a friendly and welcoming café in Trumpington, open seven days a week.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It is a welcoming space, with warm and friendly staff;
  • You can work, study, meet friends or be alone in company;
  • There is a play area with toys for children.

“I find the friendly chats and relaxing nature of the cafe gives me a much appreciated space away from whatever else may be going on. I stay for a while then leave feeling much better and more connected and relaxed.”

What to expect

Run by Leilei, the cafe is a relaxed, welcoming space for people to come on their own or with friends and family. Pets are very welcome too!

The cafe serves coffee, a wide range of Chinese teas, Chinese food and cakes and pastries. You can also take part in a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony – this needs to be booked in advance. Email Leilei on [email protected] for details and prices, and to book your place.

Badge showing a pound sign

There is a charge for food and drink at the cafe.

How to contact

Where to go

1 Poulter Walk
Cambridge CB2 9GX
United Kingdom

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