Grey Heron Internal Arts (T’ai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung)

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T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung are mindful and embodied forms of martial exercise that work on posture, balance, strength, co-ordination and relaxation in a gentle and focused manner. Grey Heron Internal Arts offer a wide range of classes for all levels, including beginners.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It is an empowering as well as relaxing activity, and can create a sense of inner calm;
  • It improves body awareness and balance;
  • It is carried out at an individual’s own pace, with specially adapted health sessions to meet all needs, abilities and interests.

What to expect?

Grey Heron Internal Arts run a wide range of classes each week. Some are held online via Zoom while others are in-person. You need to pre-book classes in advance. Visit their website to view the timetable and booking information.

Choosing a class may feel a bit confusing at first. Feel free to contact Mike Tabrett on 01223 503390 or  [email protected] to discuss which class may be best for you. An overview of the different types of classes is below:

‘Exercise’ Classes – These classes offer a good starting point for beginners because they focus on individual exercises rather than sequences of movements. They offer an insight into the key principles of T’ai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung.

‘Form’ Classes – Central to T’ai Chi is the learning and practice of ‘forms’. These are sequences of movements which are built up and practiced until they become natural to the player. These classes are usually run as distinct courses for a set number of weeks. They are suitable for beginners but do require a commitment to attending regularly.

‘Integrated’ (Seated) Classes– These are mixed ability classes including seated exercises, which makes them available to people with mobility problems, including wheelchair users and others who are unable to stand for any length of time.

More information

T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung are ‘internal’ arts rooted in the healing, meditational and martial traditions of China. They integrate relaxation, meditation, breathing and postural techniques that help us develop balancing and harmonious movements; the full system includes individual exercises, flowing sequences (or ’forms‘) both open handed and with various weapons, partner work and meditation.

Because of the emphasis on developing and harmonising internal structure, circulation and energy rather than muscular force, these arts can be practised by people of all ages, types and abilities, even those who might be prevented from joining in with other activities. Practicing T’ai Chi and Chi Kung can have many benefits including improving mobility and balance, improving posture and improving circulation.’

The Principal Tutor at Grey Heron Internal Arts is Mike Tabrett. He has been practicing these arts since 1983 and has developed his practice by working with a variety of teachers with a variety of teachers in both T’ai Chi and related movement, healing and martial arts.

There is a fee to attend classes, details are on the GHIA website.

How to contact

Where to go

Trumpington Pavilion
Paget Road

Parkside Community College

Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre

Lichfield Road Community Hall
Lichfield Road

Church of the Good Shepherd
Mansel Way

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