Grovebury Ladies Club

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Grovebury Ladies Club is a warm and friendly group where you can chat to others over a cup of tea or coffee and take part in social activities.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • meeting for a coffee and a chat can help prevent loneliness and social isolation;
  • you will meet new people and become part of a friendly community;
  • there is the opportunity to go on day trips with the group, which can give you a wellbeing boost.

“The Grovebury Ladies is an institution that we would all miss if this club did not exist… After all these years we are still going strong. We would love to have new members and we are very happy to welcome them.”

What to expect

The group meets at Arbury Community Centre every Tuesday evening from 7 – 9pm. They have over forty members of a wide range of ages.

On two or three sessions per month the group have speakers come along to present on a wide range of subjects. On other sessions they organise quizzes, Bingo, Beetle or other games.

Grovebury Ladies Club run various outings throughout the year to the seaside and other places of interest. They also organise parties at Christmas, Easter and other social dates.

More information

The Grovebury Ladies Club are delighted to welcome new members at any time. You can call Barbara in advance or just go along on a Tuesday evening.

Arbury Community Centre has full disabled access and toilets. There is free parking outside the venue.

Badge showing a pound sign

To attend the club you pay an annual membership fee, currently £10 per year. You then pay a small amount each week that you attend, currently £3 per week.

How to contact

Where to go

Arbury Community Centre
Campkin Road
Cambridge CB4 2LD

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