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Libraries are free public spaces where you can work, study, read, or just spend time. They offer a wide range of services to support health and wellbeing including activities, access to free PCs, study space, books to borrow and online resources.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • reading helps you unwind and connect to the wider world,
  • libraries have a wealth of physical and digital resources to help you read for pleasure, learning or research,
  • libraries connect you to your community through events, activities and volunteering opportunities.

“It’s an essential service. I cannot imagine my life without it. Both for the books and the social interaction. I’m unable to work due to disability and the library is something that keeps me sane.”

“It is a special place. I go there to unwind and relax and browse books. I go there to work and concentrate. I go there with my toddler to inspire her with the love of reading. The library has been a huge help to my mental health through the difficult times of early parenthood.”

What to expect?

Anyone can spend time in a public library, but to borrow books and a wide range of other items, you have to be a member of Cambridgeshire Libraries. Joining is free and easy to do. It can be done online or in person at a library. Find out more here.

If you are a member libraries also offer free wifi, computer and internet access. To book computers click here.

If you are looking for volunteering opportunities, there are lots of ways you can help Cambridgeshire Libraries. Find out more here.

With regards health and wellbeing, libraries offer events, resources, learning opportunities and a wide range of health information – take a look here. There are also reading lists of books you can borrow on a range of health topics including:

More information

Opening times and facilities vary – find out more about your local library by clicking the links (in blue) below:

Arbury Court

Barnwell Road

Central Library Cambridge

Cherry Hinton

Clay Farm

Milton Road

Rock Road

There is also a mobile library service that stops at various streets in Cambridge, usually once per month. Find out more about the routes & timetables here.

There is even a Library At Home service for people who find it difficult to leave the house, as well as services for visually/hearing impaired people.

If you prefer listening, there’s even a Cambridgeshire Libraries ‘Book Hoots’ podcast featuring chats with popular authors.

Joining Cambridgeshire Libraries is free, as are many events and most resources and services, including:

  • standard books and individual music scores
  • junior and young adult spoken word CDs
  • eBooks, eAudio, e-Comics, eMagazines and eNewspapers
  • online resources
  • PC use and WiFi
  • digital skill assistance

Some services (for example, reserving books online) and activities (for example, reading groups and performances), are subject to a small fee – check the website for details.

For information about library charges such as printing and concessions, visit

How to contact

Where to go

Rock Road Library
Rock Road

Milton Road Library
Ascham Road

Clay Farm Centre
Hobson Square

Cherry Hinton Library
High Street
Cherry Hinton

Cambridge Central Library

Barnwell Road Library
Barnwell Road

Arbury Court Library
Arbury Road

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