Qigong and Kung Fu Classes with Kay

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Kay runs weekly group classes in two styles of traditional Chinese exercise for health: Qigong is based on slow, flowing movements, and Chun Yuen Quan is a non-contact style of Kung Fu. Adults of all ages are very welcome.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Practicing Qigong and Kung Fu can help you to improve your awareness, balance, coordination and flexibility;
  • You can learn a mindful, movement skill for improving quality of life into old age;
  • The classes can help you to feel relaxed yet energised.

“Sifu Kay teaches empathetically and with deep understanding and detail about the science … of Chinese medicine, enabling a holistic view of the body and health. She is also really good at enabling us both to learn individually and help each other by working together as a class. We are also part of a world-wide community in Qigong, a great support and source of knowledge around Qigong philosophy and practise.”

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What to expect

At the Qigong classes you will be led through a series of gentle, flowing exercises that support good posture, coordination, balance, flexibility and relaxation. These classes are held on Friday evenings at the Downing Place URC in central Cambridge, and on Monday evenings and Wednesday lunchtimes at Milton Community Centre.

Chun Yuen Quan is a non-contact martial art which can help with strength endurance, flexibility and posture. In these classes you will be led through slightly more dynamic movements. But there is no need to be particularly athletic as Kay will adapt positions and speed according to student ability. The average student age of this style of Kung Fu is middle-aged. Chen Yuen Quan classes are held on Friday evenings at the Downing Place URC in central Cambridge.

More infomation

If you are interested in attending a class, email [email protected] to book. There is a brief registration process.

For both classes loose comfortable clothing with flat shoes is advised and you should bring some water. Milton Community Centre classes may also go outside onto the recreation field, so appropriate footwear and outdoor clothing advised.

Toilets are available at both venues. There is parking available at Milton Community Centre. There is no parking available at Downing Place URC but it is free to park in the Grand Arcade carpark after 6pm which is a short walk away.

In addition to group classes Kay also offers individual lessons, personal training and healthy living coaching. Find out more about all of the services she offers on the Telos website.

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There is no charge for your first two classes.

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After the first two, there is a charge payable per class. Payment is via bank transfer.

How to contact

Where to go

Gibson Hall
Downing Place URC

Milton Community Centre
Coles Road
CB24 6BL

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