Shredder Skate School

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Shredder Skate School strives to bring the joys of skateboarding and stunt scootering to anyone that wishes to start. Open to all ages and all abilities - try something new!

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • You can get active and improve your fitness
  • It can help channel your focus and raise your mood
  • You can meet new friends and become part of the skating community

‘Max is a fantastic teacher. I have started skateboarding at 51, and was understandably nervous! Max has filled me with confidence. He step by step takes me through new skills, giving good detailed instructions. He is very supportive and understanding of what it is like to be new, but at the same time challenges and pushes me to help me progress. The lessons are always fun and I thoroughly recommend Shredder Skate School.’


What to expect?

Shredder Skate School run both 1:1 and group sessions where they will show you the basics of skateboarding or scootering.

You will find, with their expert knowledge and help, you will progress quicker than you think.

Everyone above the age of 3, from any gender and any age is welcome to come and give it a try.

This activity is subject to a fee.

How to contact

Where to go

Trumpington Skatepark

Orchard Park Skatepark
Ring Fort Road

Jesus Green Skatepark

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