U3AC organise educational, social and fitness activities for people no longer in full-time employment. They offer over 300 courses, all run by the members for the members. Their activities are a great way of meeting people with similar interests in the local area.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • attending courses can help you keep physically and mentally active, and give structure to your week
  • you will make new friends who share your interests
  • you can rediscover forgotten skills and knowledge, or learn something completely new!

What to expect?

As a member of U3AC you can access courses in a wide range of subjects including arts, languages, literature, history, science and technology. You can also access fitness classes, organised walks and music groups. There is something for every interest! Click here to view the full programme of activities.

Most of the courses and activities are run by other U3AC members. Some are run in public venues and others are run in the tutor’s home. Once you’re a member you may decide to run a course or activity yourself.

The activities are structured around the  academic cycle, with three terms of ten weeks each, starting in October. Term dates are available here.

More information

To attend courses you first need to become a member of U3AC. Enrolment opens at the beginning of July and closes the following May. You can become a member at any time, but it is best to join before August in order to sign up for courses before they begin.

There is a membership fee to pay. A reduced rate is available for those in receipt of pension credit.

Click here for more information about membership prices and how to enrol. 

Oce you have become a member you can sign up for the courses you would like to attend. You can apply using an online or paper form. Courses are allocated during August, and you will be given a confirmed course list in September. (If you join later than August then some courses may be full, a list of courses with remaining vacancies is available here.)



There is a one-off enrolment fee for becoming a member of U3AC. There is also an annual subscription fee to access the courses and activities. Click here for more information about membership costs. 

How to contact

Where to go

27-28 Bridge St
Cambridge CB2 1UJ

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