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YMCA Trinity Group has been running Health and Fitness services for many years. It is their aim to create vibrant community gyms and classes which are accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities and long-term conditions.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Doing exercise that you enjoy can boost your mood.
  • Improving your physical fitness and health also helps your mental wellbeing.
  • You can try lots of different exercises to see what you enjoy, with support from staff, to help you meet your goals.

Membership includes a full range of fitness classes, flexible membership, online booking, and a commitment to invest the money raised through gym membership on work that supports young people through tough times. Their friendly staff are also on hand to provide help and support should you require it during your gym sessions. You can find out opening times on their website, as well as the current class schedule.

Gym volunteering

YMCA Trinity Gyms are looking for volunteers to support disabled gym members and help to build their confidence while they are using the facilities. Volunteers need to be patient, show compassion and empathy, as well as display professionalism. It’s also important to have strong customer service skills. A Level 2 Gym Qualification is beneficial to have but not essential as training can be given.

In return, volunteers receive access to training courses and opportunities to develop skills, gain a sense of purpose and job satisfaction, as well as a free gym membership!

Mark and William are two of the current volunteers and they joined the gym nearly 3 years ago. Mark is blind and had some health issues but he and his husband decided that using the gym would be good for both of them.

They both became much fitter and Mark made remarkable improvements. They both love the gym and also appreciated the scheme YMCA run for people with disabilities being supported by volunteers – so much so, they became volunteers themselves and now work with two wheelchair users and helping them with their workouts.

You can apply by completing an online application form. Find out more on their webpage.

There is a membership fee, which includes access to gym classes. Concession fees are available for those on low incomes, students and those aged 60+. Contact them direct for current prices.

Here’s a quick taste of an exercise to work your abdominal muscles. A longer version is in the Taster Sessions!

YMCA Fitness has a number of taster sessions for you to try – from abs to zumba, including stretching and something called ‘crazy circuits’!

How to contact

Where to go

YMCA Community Gym Cambridge
Queen Anne House
Gonville Place
Cambridge CB1 1ND

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