Cambridgeshire Home Improvement Agency (Cambs HIA)

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Cambs HIA is a shared council service which adapts and repairs the homes of older people, people with disabilities and those on low incomes, to help them live more safely and independently in their own homes. It supports people living in Cambridge City, South Cambs and Hunts.


If you are an older person or have a disability, Cambs HIA can help you make a range of adaptations to your home so that it better meets your needs. Some examples are installing accessible showers, ramps, fixed hoists and stairlifts. They will help you appoint a suitable contractor to carry out the work and then manage the project on your behalf.

Cambs HIA can also help you apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant to cover the cost of the work if you are eligible. This is a means tested grant so you will need to provide details about your finances. If you do not qualify for a grant, Cambs HIA may still be able to help you complete the works as a private customer.

Cambs HIA may advise you to request an assessment by an Occupational Therapist, to ensure that your needs are fully met.


If you are on a low income, or in receipt of benefits, Cambs HIA may be able to award you a Special Purpose Assistance Grant to carry out work on your home. These can cover repairs, energy efficiency measures, safety and security improvements and other types of work to the home which are not covered by a Disabled Facilities Grant. Some examples are boiler replacements, window and door replacements and roof repairs.

Special Purpose Assistance Grants are means tested, so you will need to provide information about your finances for Cambs HIA to assess your eligibility.

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Cambs HIA can provide support to owner occupiers, private tenants and housing association tenants.

Contact Cambs HIA to have a conversation about your home improvement needs. They will be able to give advice on improvements related to accessibility, safety, comfort and heating. They will also be able to give guidance related to funding, process and documentation. If they are unable to help, they will direct you to other organisations.

Cambs HIA offer basic means tests and advice for free. They can assist you to claim grants to cover the cost of work in your home.

Disabled Facility Grants and Special Purpose Grants are both means tested. Depending on your financial situation you may need to partially or fully cover the cost of work in your home. Cambs HIA charges a fee for their work, calculated as a percentage of the total cost. You would need to cover this fee if it is not covered by a grant.

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