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Care Micro-Enterprises: Consistency and reliability of care are important when you are organising care for yourself or others you support. Independent, local care providers can offer exactly this and may have the flexibility to meet specific needs.

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Available throughout Cambridge

What is a Care Micro-Enterprise (CME)?

As part of their Care Together workstream, Help at Home: Care Micro-Enterprises is a Cambridgeshire County Council scheme helping local care providers to set up their own enterprises, offering a variety of services. Within their own communities, they provide a range of care and support for older and disabled people who want to live independently at home.¬† This offers continuity of provider, more flexibility and less travel time. Find trusted care micro-enterprises that feature on Cambridgeshire County Council’s directory.

Contact the care providers directly on the details below to discuss your care requirements.

Cambridge Soul Midwife
Contact: Jo Franklin
Phone: 07752 016164
Area: Cambridgeshire
End of life care and support for people aged 50+ including: paperwork, support to attend appointments, help with arrangements, emotional support and some homecare.






All services have a cost associated with them, depending on your needs. Please contact providers directly for more information.
You may pay for all of your own care and support, or receive some support from the local authority, dependent upon your eligibility.

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