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PANS PANDAS UK offer support to families experiencing the neuropsychiatric conditions paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndrome and paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndrome associated with strep. They also work to raise understanding and awareness.

What to Expect

PANS PANDAS UK provide information and community support to children and families. You can join their facebook group to hear more about the important educational work they do and to seek support from that community.

The PANS PANDAS UK website holds a wealth of resources where you can learn more about symptoms, diagnoses and how to support families and children living with either condition, amongst many other useful articles and learning opportunities.

More Information

PANS PANDAS UK are passionate about raising awareness of both conditions. One way in which they do so is via regular teacher training events – helping those working in educational settings to understand and support children who have either condition: More information can be found on their website and there is an Events tab showing any upcoming sessions, tickets for which can be booked by following the link to their Eventbrite page


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Support, information and training are free at point of access, offered through the PANS/PANDAS UK Charity.

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available throughout cambridge

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