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Art Adventure is a programme by Arts and Minds. The group visits different venues in Cambridge and uses them as inspiration for creating art. It is a chance to draw or sketch with a group of friendly, likeminded people. No previous experience needed, just explore your creativity!

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Creative engagement can improve confidence and self-esteem;
  • Creative engagement promotes social connectedness;
  • You can boost your confidence in exploring new places in a welcoming community.

“I had a lovely time sketching one of the paintings in the fellows coffee room – and met some lovely people. There is something very relaxing sketching quietly in a group together! – Thank you for creating this experience – I found it very uplifting.”

What to expect 

Art Adventure is a community of people who come together to create and explore. The group meet once a month to visit different locations across Cambridge, including museums and art galleries.

Each session explores a new experience or theme. A volunteer facilitates the session, guiding the basic structure, but it is not a taught workshop – instead each participant is free to create as they like.

More information

Everyone is welcome to join, no previous experience necessary. You will need to bring your own pencil and sketchbook.

To sign up or find out more information email [email protected]. The team will email you to let you know where and when to meet.

Arts and Minds use the arts to support the positive wellbeing of individuals and communities. They run a range of other programmes, find out more on this page.

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Art Adventure sessions are free of charge. As a small charity, Arts and Minds welcome voluntary contributions from participants to support their costs, but there is no expectation.

How to contact

Where to go

Various locations across Cambridge

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