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The Active Lifestyles Team at Cambridge City Council provide and support a wide range of accessible and low-cost physical activity sessions for people of all ages living in Cambridge.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Physical activity releases endorphins which can make you feel good;
  • Regular exercise can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression;
  • The activity sessions are social, meaning that you have the opportunity to meet others.

“Thank you very much for offering this opportunity to practice yoga for such a friendly price… Already from just doing few sessions, I feel so good and feel encouraged to exercise more. I feel much better in my body and my back pain is noticeably reduced. I look forward to every lesson… It has definitely improved my physical and mental state of health.”

What to expect

The Active Lifestyles Team run a huge variety of sport, fitness and wellbeing activities. Some are open to all adults, others are aimed at particular age groups such as over 50s or children, young people and families.

Some activities run consistently throughout the year, including Yoga for Health classes, Pilates for Health classes, the Exercise Referral Service for adults with long-term medical conditions, and Activities for Older Adults – including social racket sessions in badminton, pickleball and table tennis, and strength and balance classes.

In addition to the regular activities above, there are other short courses and one-off events throughout the year. To find out everything on offer, you can explore the Cambridge City Council website where activities are listed in different categories. Alternatively you can visit the booking pages below where you can see upcoming events listed in date order. You can then book onto the activity you would like to attend and (where relevant) make payment online.

You can also stay up to date with the latest events by following Get Moving Cambridge on Facebook or Instagram, or subscribing to their newsletter.

In addition to the activities above, the Active Lifestyles Team also has a library of free online courses that you can access from home at a time that suits you. Visit the Get Moving Cambridge website to access these courses. All the courses are free but you will need to sign up using your name and email address.

More information

When attending a session for the first time, its important that you refer to the information listed in your booking confirmation.  In most instances, it’s important to wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions (if outdoors) and for exercising in. Closed-toe shoes are a must if the exercise is not requiring bare feet.

Always bring water to sessions and any emergency medications that you may have been prescribed.  In some instances, you may be required to bring an exercise mat, but this will always be stated in the booking confirmation if required.

Badge reading 'Free'

The online courses on the Get Moving Cambridge website are all free to access (see above for details). The wellbeing walks are also free to access. Some other activities are free of charge, visit the booking pages above for more details.

Badge showing a pound sign

Most of the activities have a cost, however the team aim to keep these costs as low as possible. Most of the activities require payment online at the time of booking.

How to contact

Where to go

Various locations across Cambridge

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